Greedy gujju raw employee stock trader amita patel may be using mental torture, mind manipulation techniques to lure people for her Rs 7 lakh course

Indicating the ruthlessness of the rich and powerful communities like the gujjus, sindhis, when gujjus, sindhis, though they are causing great losses to others, it does not affect their career or business, instead they charge higher fees though there are hundreds of complaints against them.
On the other hand, though professionals,investors from poor communities are not cheating or exploiting anyone, the greedy gujjus, scammer sindhis are making completely fake allegations without any proof at all, the government blindly believes them to give greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan,nikhil, who do not invest any money in domains ,no work, no investment government jobs faking domain ownership including this one
Though the number of people complaining about greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel on both quora and google reviews has increased, that they are making great losses despite paying Rs 7 lakh + GST, no action is taken against amita patel
Earlier raw employee greedy gujju stock trader amita patel was charging Rs 6 lakh for her course, and now despite students making great losses, complaining on quora, she has increased her fee to Rs 7 lakh per student, and is aggressively marketing her course while continuing to get a monthly government salary for faking ownership of this and other domains.
Since the domain investor has been cheated of at least Rs 15 lakh annually, since 2013, she is closely monitoring Greedy gujju raw employee stock trader amita patel who is getting a monthly government salary for faking ownership of this and other domains. Specifically the complaints of the gullible students on quora, google reviews who paid Greedy gujju raw employee stock trader amita patel Rs 7 lakh, invested their hard earned money are worth reading.
It appears that the course content is not very useful, the course is marketed very aggressively, so students are persuaded to pay a very large amount of Rs 7 lakh for the course. Only later they realize that they made a mistake, and are loosing a large amount. It appears that mental torture and mind manipulation techniques are used to persuade the students to pay Rs 7 lakh, and like the domain investor who was did not realize that she was duped for 7-8 years, they also do not realize their mistake for a very long time.

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