Fake dengue complaint information shows how ntro/raw employees specialize in mental torture denying information

The cunning cruel ntro/raw employees have systematically denied information to the domain investor since 2010, yet the indian and state governments are openly involved online government SLAVERY falsely claiming that MISUSING the name of a hardworking single woman the government employees HATE is help to get raw/cbi jobs for google, tata sponsored goan call girls and other frauds FAKING domain ownership
One of the top secret mental torture techniques used by ntro/raw employees is how they will systematically deny information to the person who they are FAKING HELP for , whose name they MISUSE, who they actually hate
For example, though they have stolen the resume, savings, correspondence, memory, business information of the domain investor, single woman engineer, MISUSING her name since 2010, they have refused to provide any information on the reason for doing so and also ensured that no one else provides the information, causing a lot of MENTAL STRESS, mental torture
Usually people realize that denial of information is causing mental torture, and provide the information, especially to the person who has suffered because of complaints or harassment. For example a fake dengue complaint was filed in 2020 about the mailing address of the domain investor, Though no one now claims to be a great friend like the fraud liar ntro/raw employees, the wife of a famous professional in the area, confirmed that teacher edith and her family had initiated the complaint along with a few others
Even for a small complaint, the person who is being defamed, will be given information about the complainant within days or one year so that the person at least knows who the enemies are/. In case of the ntro/raw employees they have been MISUSING the name of the domain investor, criminally defaming her for 11 years, yet the ntro/raw employees are extremely ruthless in mental torture, they will refuse to provide any information directly, though the government blindly believes their FAKE HELP stories since 2010 to waste crores of rupees in taxpayer money paying them monthly salary