To make his criminal defamation of single woman domain investor he HATES more effective brahmin mhow monster ntro employee puneet FAKES help

The domain investor is more interested in the tactics used by the cunning brahmin, bania officials to get raw/cbi jobs for their lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives without doing any computer work at all, without investing any money online in domains, since they are not documented anywhere, the indian government, society and mainstream media refuses to acknowledge .
Though the single woman domain investor alone was paying for and managing the domains, for more than 11 years, brahmin mhow monster ntro employee puneet and other raw/ntro employees like vijay have convinced the indian government, raw/cbi that they own the domains of a single woman engineer who they HATE, never helped at all, to get their girlfriends like robber riddhi nayak caro, sunaina chodan, amita patel, naina premchandani and other frauds monthly government salaries, falsely claiming that the frauds were domain investors
One of the top secret technique used by brahmin mhow monster ntro employee puneet is how he FAKES help for the person he HATES, like the domain investor to CHEAT, EXPLOIT, ROB her, misuse her name. The extremely dishonest deceitful cunning mhow monster puneet who was called dev anand in college because of his excellent acting skills, is very good at pretending to be a well wisher of the person he hates, like the domain investor, so that he can make fake claims to destroy her reputation completely.
The deceitful puneet is aware that people are more likely to believe his lies, if he falsely claims that he is well wisher of the single woman, than if he is honest about his HATRED for the single woman. People will always say negative things about the person they HATE, so others will not always believe them. In contrast, people will believe the lies of a person if he claims to be helping the person he is talking about

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