“Injustice, insult and partiality”, mental harassment, torture

The death of seven time Lok Sabha MP, Mohan Delkar after complaining of “Injustice, insult and partiality”, mental harassment, torture highlighted one aspect of life in india which the mainstream media conveniently ignores, the increasing use of hitech mental torture methods. There are other high profile deaths like actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Dr Sheetal Amte who also allegedly had “mental health” problems, when they were probably harassed.
Though the brahmin, bania officials who have committed banking fraud on the domain investor since 2010, are falsely labelling all the website content as spam, some people are contacting the domain investor for help since they are being mentally harassed
Since there is almost no one to help citizens who are mentally harassed, this website analyzes the latest mental torture techniques which are being used since 2010 on some citizens in India, scientifically, which were unthinkable earlier