Insomnia, sleeplessness of innocent citizens


While the indian government refuses to take action against the NTRO employees despite their endless frauds on small business owners, the ntro employees abuse their power to ruin the health of anyone exposing their financial, online fraud, causing insomnia. It appears that ntro officials are ruthless in using any technology for harassment against india's largest female domain investor to cause losses, ruin her health or make her upset, angry, stressed out, reduce productivity. Increasingly one of the favorite technologies used for harassing is using microwave radiation to cause insomnia, no sleep or to wake a person in the middle of the night, disturbing the sleep at night.

The ntro officials are aware of the fact that a sleepless person is not likely to be alert and productive the next day. So they are using the mobile phone to track the location of their target and then increase the radiation levels in the room so that the person is not able to sleep at night, using mobile phone towers. In some cases the radiation levels are increased so much that the victim will find his or her body vibrating at night as these officials want the person to remain sleepless at night. This technology is particularly effective when a person is living in a small house or small room, which can be easily covered with the microwave radiation blast.

Another sleep related torture technique involved disturbing the sleep of the targetted person in the middle of the night. The person will be forced to wake up at 1 am or similar time, breaking the sleep cycle and finding it difficult to resume sleeping. This problem is particular severe if the mobile phones have been kept switched on. In some areas, the person cannot sleep during the day also due to radiation levels. It indicates the high levels of hatred of the ntro officials for the domain investor, that they are wasting time and money to disturb the sleep of the domain investor, a harmless indian citizen

After testing, researching the insomnia causing technique, methods on the harmless domain investor for more than 10 years to ruin her health, reputation, finances and appearance , allegedly indian intelligence and security agencies are deploying the same methods on larger number of indian citizens, especially those who are protesting against the government against injustice. A leading newspaper reported that dalit protestors in gujarat are complaining of insomnia and depression, when subjected to medical examination. However most protestors are not likely to analyze the cause of their insomnia scientifically due to which those responsible are likely to get away with these harassment technique .

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