when dishonest LIAR greedy government employees falsely accuse innocent business owners for more than 12 years, citizens are demotivated

Though indian government employees like goan bhandari cheater chodankar, naik, scammer shivalli brahmins hathwar, kodancha, j srinivasan, nayak, caro, mandrekar get a very good salary with dearness allowance and pension, they are extremely greedy, shameless and dishonest, hysterically making fake allegations without any proof against innocent small business owners who they HATE, and repeating their fake allegations without any kind of proof at all, like parrots to cheat, rob and exploit them for the rest of their lives
It is an indication of the lack of professionalism, incompetence of the greedy government employees in the indian internet sector, that they are allowed to waste more than Rs 50 crores of indian taxpayer money since 2010 to find non-existent proof against the small business owner , and the top leaders, officials do not have the honesty, integrity to ask the greedy government employees why they are hounding innocent citizens, wasting taxpayer money in the process.
Tired of being cheated, exploited, ROBBED by the greedy cunning cruel cheater top indian government employees involved in government SLAVERY since 2010, online business owners are demotivated, they will never invest more money online in future
The government agencies also refuse to admit their mistake, compensate the innocent citizen, whose life and career they have destroyed due to their extreme greed and carelessness.

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