Month: February 2022

Shaktidhar Reddy is another indian citizen who is mentally tortured

It appears that a large number of citizens in India are being mentally tortured using wireless and other similar technologies. Initially the victims do not realize what the problem is, after 7-8 years it is easy to deal with it, especially if they understand the technnology being used. Though crores of indian taxpayer money are being spent to steal the correspondence of the domain investor, annually, to isolate her completely, many citizens of india and a person from United Kingdom has also contacted the domain investor for help. In Bihar the problem is very severe.
The media covered the news of Shaktidhar Reddy who tried to meet the national security advisor Ajit Doval, complaining that a chip was implanted in his body. It appears that he was mentally tortured using brainwave reading and voice to skull technology. Like most of the citizens who are mentally tortured, he was single, and 43 years old. Probably his relatives or enemies may have hired someone to mentally torture him, so that he could not endure it further and wasted resources trying to meet the NSA.
The person from Bihar who contacted the domain investor in 2020, also told her, that he had contacted all the security agencies for help and a large number of people from Bihar, especially working in the IT sector, were being mentally tortured using this technology. It appears that there is no one who is explaining the technology used to the victims, so that they can handle the mental torture better.
After the death of Yedurappa’s grand daughter Soundarya, this is another Bengaluru related mental torture related complaint
Kindly note goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan and her relatives especially teja, pritesh chodankar are not associated with the website, though fraud indian tech, internet companies, officials are allegedly making fake claims in a sex trade racket, bribery to criminally defame the real domain investor while getting a monthly salary for the goan bhandari scammers
Citizens who are mentally tortured can contact on for free help